Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My chosen career of farmer does not match up very well in the human services cluster. It does not match up well because a farmer is not only about humans it is also about animals and crops. You are caring more for the animals and crops than people even though they end up for the people. A farmer and a barber have the same interest which are enterprising, realistic, and conventional. They do not have the same tools or much other things, for example a farmer most likely will not need hair dye or a hair spray for a plant or animal and a barber will not need a tractor to cut hair. The little similarities they have mean that enterprising means most of time they have their own business and realistic means they have realistic goals. With me wanting to be a farmer I would not be able to work in human services. I think this make my career and cluster more solid than it was before. I would like to stay in the agriculture career and like to be a farmer and human services does not seem like the cluster for me

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